"When the Why Is Clear the How is Easy"

Learn the blueprint on how to clarify your VISION and design a life thats filled with purposeful Intentions that bloom results."

WELCOME: I'm glad you've grace your presence here at AKL's Academy. Before I share a little about myself. I want you to know my purpose in life is working with individuals to help them discover, design, and draft a lifestyle blueprint that exudes purpose & passion. You might ask yourself, what does Purpose & Passion look like? Yes, I'm reading your mind on a Frequently Ask Question we often receive from potential clients & students. Well, that's something AKL helps you clarify, create, and design. About Me: Welcome, I'm Kimberly Clark, M.A. a renowned lifestyle coach, vision coach, brand & P.R. Consultant, speaker, and author of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle and sister brand the Vision Within. Yes, I'm a BOSS Lady who wears numerous hats.

More About Kimberly Clark, M.A.

"Queen of Vision"

Kimberly Clark, M.A, SHE'EO and Founder of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle & AKL LIFESTYLE. A certified lifestyle expert who is a globally recognized as Lifestyle Coach, Vision Coach, CFS Coach, Brand Strategist, NETworker, Speaker, Author, and lover of everything lifestyle. Kimberly is on a mission to help people live purposefully with intention while leading consciously. Whether she’s coaching entrepreneurs, executives, speaking and facilitating at schools, conferences, and non-profits, or creating content to inspire and educate. Kimberly always aims to shift the heart, mind, and vision of whomever she encounters. Her extensive background in public relations, brand & lifestyle development has made her a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She’s presented for top businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurial brands. Ms. Clark is known as the “Queen of Vision,” who works with numerous leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers helping them become clear and aligned with who they desire to be personally and/or professionally. Kimberly's Signature Vision Statement is: Encourage through Words, Empower through Wisdom, Elevate through Teaching.
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