"When the Why Is Clear the How is Easy"

Learn the blueprint on how to clarify your VISION and design a life thats filled with purposeful Intentions that bloom results."

WELCOME: I'm glad you've grace your presence here at AKL's Academy. Before I share a little about myself. I want you to know my purpose in life is working with individuals to help them discover, design, and draft a lifestyle blueprint that exudes purpose & passion. You might ask yourself, what does Purpose & Passion look like? Yes, I'm reading your mind on a Frequently Ask Question we often receive from potential clients & students. Well, that's something AKL helps you clarify, create, and design. About Me: Welcome, I'm Kimberly Clark, M.A. a renowned lifestyle coach, vision coach, brand & P.R. Consultant, speaker, and author of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle and sister brand the Vision Within. Yes, I'm a BOSS Lady who wears numerous hats.

More About Kimberly Clark, M.A.

"Queen of Vision"

Kimberly Clark, M.A, CEO and Founder of Ask Kimberly Lifestyle & the Vision Within. A certified lifestyle expert who is a globally recognized Life Coach, Vision Coach, CFS Coach, Brand Strategist, NETworker, Speaker, Author, and lover of everything lifestyle. Kimberly is on a mission to help people live purposefully with intention while leading consciously. Whether she’s coaching entrepreneurs, executives, speaking and facilitating at schools, conferences, and non-profits, or creating content to inspire and educate. Kimberly always aims to shift the heart, mind, and vision of whomever she encounters. Her extensive background in public relations, brand & lifestyle development has made her a sought-after public speaker, trainer, and facilitator. She’s presented for top businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurial brands. Ms. Clark is known as the “Queen of Vision,” who works with numerous leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers helping them become clear and aligned with who they desire to be personally and/or professionally.
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